STAT 385: Homework 05

Ha Khanh Nguyen - Spring 2020, UIUC

Due: Tuesday, March 24, 11:59 PM

Getting the Homework

Editing the Files

  • There are a total 2 files inside the repo:
    • hw05.Rmd
    • hw05.html
  • DO NOT change the filenames!
  • You need to edit the Rmd file AND knit it to a html file.
  • Change the author of the Rmd file to your name - your NetID.
    • Without this information, I cannot grade the homework, resulting in a grade of 0 for your homework.
  • Make sure to remove eval = FALSE from the code chunks after you insert the code.
    • Not doing this will result in points deducted.

Submitting the Homework

Now, here is the fun part!

  • Stage (add), commit, and push the edited RMarkdown and html files to the remote repo on GitHub.
  • I will use those files to grade your homework so make sure you double check on that your edited files are there!
  • Make sure there are 2 files in the repo:
    • hw05.Rmd
    • hw05.html
  • The html file will be used to grade your homework. If for some reason, you cannot knit the Rmd file, the grader (me or the TA) will grade your Rmd file with points deducted.

<!WARNING!> Do NOT submit anything to Compass. They will NOT be graded. Only the files shown in GitHub classroom will be graded!