Intro to Data Frames in R

Ha Khanh Nguyen


  • Which data structures have we learned so far?
    • Vector:
      • Atomic Vector
      • List
    • Matrix
    • Array

Data Frames

  • Data frames are the two-dimensional version of a list.
  • Store data in a table format, like an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Data frames group vectors together into a two-dimensional table.
  • Each vector becomes a column in the table. Hence, every column must be of the same length.
  • Each column of a data frame can contain a different type of data.
  • But within a column, every cell must be of the same type of data.

A data frame is a list of vectors of the same length.

Creating a Data Frame

  • Use data.frame() function to creata a data frame by hand:
  • The str() function show what types of objects are grouped together in the data frame.
## 'data.frame':    3 obs. of  3 variables:
##  $ face : Factor w/ 3 levels "ace","six","two": 1 3 2
##  $ suit : Factor w/ 1 level "clubs": 1 1 1
##  $ value: num  1 2 3

Loading Data

Using RStudio Interface

  • Download the file deck.csv to your computer.
    • CSV is short for comma-separated values file.
  • We will first learn how to load data through the RStudio interface.