COVID-19 Online Adjustments

This document will serve as an addition to the Syllabus for STAT 400 - AL1 section.

Documented are changes made to STAT 400 to help you still continue learning the course material during this pandemic, as well as reduce your stress level in an already very stressful time.

Please read the full document carefully as it is very important!


All lectures will be delivered through video posted on Youtube. The link for the videos are posted on the course website, next to the topic covered. If for any reason, you cannot access the lecture videos, please contact me ASAP.

The schedule for video release can be found on the course website homepage. I will try my best to follow the schedule, but if there are any delays, please stay patient!

Discussion Sessions

Discussion Sessions are now being held online on Zoom:

If you have any problems attending discussion sessions on Zoom and would like an alternative method, please let me and your TA know.

Office Hours

Office Hours can be found on the course website homepage. Office Hours are held live here on Zoom.


You will now submit your homework as PDF or image files to Compass. If for any reason, you are not able to submit the homework, please contact me ASAP.


  • Both Exam 2 and Final Exam will be open-book, open-note exams. We will NOT use any proctoring services.
  • For each exam, you will have 24 hours to complete the exam, scan/take pictures of the exam and submit them to Compass.
  • Exam 2 will be on April 22, 2020.
  • Final Exam will be on May 11, 2020.
  • More details regarding the exam will be posted as the exam date gets closer.

Grade Policy

As you have already seen in the MASSMAIL, students now have the option to apply for Credit / No-Credit for Spring 2020 courses up until April 30, 2020. To help you make an informed decision by the deadline, I have decided to offer two options for your final grade. Your final grade will be the maximum grade from the 2 options.

Option 1

Grade Option 1 will be available on Compass no later than April 28, 2020. Please use this information wisely to decide whether you want to apply for Credit / No-Credit for STAT 400. You can think of this as your minimum grade in this class.

It will be calculated using the below formula:

\[ \frac{(\text{First 10 HW} - \text{2 Lowest HW Scores}) + \text{Exam 1 Grade} + \text{Exam 2 Grade}}{280} \]

Option 2

Option 2 grade will be calculated as stated in the syllabus, that is

\[ \frac{(\text{12 HW} - \text{2 Lowest HW Scores}) + \text{Exam 1 Grade} + \text{Exam 2 Grade} + \text{Final Exam Grade}}{500} \]

  • If your option 2 grade is higher than your option 1 grade, your final grade will automatically be updated to option 2 grade.
  • Alternatively, if your option 2 grade is lower than your option 1 grade, your final grade will be your option 1 grade.

You might have many questions now that you finish reading this document. A Pizza discussion thread has been created for questions regarding this document. Please post your questions/comments/concerns there!

Stay safe and healthy!

- Ha